Ivan Milchev

Ivan Milchev is a senior software engineer living in Eindhoven, NL. He is a security advocate with a passion for DevOps, Kubernetes and Golang. His love for DevOps and Kubernetes developed over his years working on a managed Kubernetes platform and a network-aware scheduler extension.

His current projects include the Mondoo full-stack security platform and Podkrepi.bg, a free open-source and completely transparent online donation platform for individuals and organizations.

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Giving for your own good: How volunteering improves your career and well-being
Ivan Milchev

As our work continues to grow more demanding, burnout and work-related mental health problems increase as well. It might surprise you to learn how Ivan has successfully fought the negative effects of work stress: volunteering. In this talk, Ivan will recount his experience building a Kickstarter-like platform for a Bulgarian NPO. He'll share lessons he learned, how he improved his emotional well-being, and misconceptions about getting involved with open source projects.

Grote Zaal