Luben Alexandrov

Luben is an independent software architect at Perelik Soft, where he helps software development teams optimise their software development methodology. He has been developing commercial software for over a decade and has been contributing to numerous software projects, serving millions of transactions, some of them in the critical infrastructure. A programmer at heart, with a background in Computer Science he is especially interested in how a better software engineering process could help teams deliver faster and better software without compromising their happiness levels.

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Peer Code Review Best Practices
Luben Alexandrov

In this workshop we will dive into one of the most broadly adopted software engineering practices - peer code review.

Following a brief motivation why do we need code reviews in the first place, Luben will present his set of best practices for both the reviewer and the reviewee.

After that we will discuss some common pitfalls and techniques how to avoid them. At the very end we will perform two live code reviews and see how the presented ideas can be applied in practice.

There will be breaks for Q&A and room-discussions throughout the workshop.

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