Long live the imposter syndrome!
06-22, 09:15–09:55 (Europe/Amsterdam), Grote Zaal

It’s time to rethink the imposter syndrome, urges Julia Sullivan, author of Geeks Guide To Work*, because it has wrongly been given a bad name.

These days it’s common to talk about the fear of not keeping up or living up to expectations as if it is a stressful and lonely condition we need to be cured of. But when we admit that fear and uncertainty are at the very core of being a human being we can use them as a powerful source to move and excite us and create strong and meaningful connections with others.

In a light-hearted journey through popular and less popular culture, Julia examines the thinking flaws that lead us into self doubt and loneliness. While most people spend years studying “hard” skills, Julia shows that the key to a successful, happy and fulfilled life lies in learning how to get better at maintain nourishing and resilient relationships. Above all with ourselves.

This is what is written on the back of my book "Geeks Guide To Work" (Rethink Press, 2021, shortlisted in the personal development category of the UK Business Book Of The Year Awards 2022) https://bit.ly/3Sby1gB:

"Julia Sullivan is a personal development facilitator and has spent the past twenty years supporting individuals and teams to tap into their hidden human potential and improve their communication skills. She believes businesses have an important role as forces for good in society and has helped many pioneering organisations transform through personal development."

She has worked with over 50 organisations, including hospitals, universities, government bodies. And since 2014 she has worked with teams, individuals and management teams in numerous tech organisions including Backbase, Mobiquity, Omnia, Hiber, Utilus, RIPE and Service Now.

Julia was raised in the UK, and has been living in Amsterdam since 1992. She is married to Robbert Tilli and they have two grown up sons.

In her spare time she loves being out in nature and can be spotted out on the racing bike or at the community garden Stadstuinnoordoogst.

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