Introduction to Application Security via instrumentation & observability
06-21, 13:00–13:45 (Europe/Amsterdam), Expo 2

Traditional SAST & DAST security tools typically struggle with the speed of DevOps. Organisations need to shift to developer-centric application security based on instrumentation & observability. This reduces the level of noise and delays of the traditional approaches. IAST uses instrumentation to help developers and QA teams find vulnerabilities early and by providing a full dataflow the fix is fast too.

If you are interested in security this is the right workshop for you!

In this workshop you'll get hands-on experience with IAST, SCA & RASP. We help you onboard an application, find vulnerabilities, review the results and (if you feel adventurous) exploit them and see how RASP defends against it.

After the session you maintain access to the Community Edition of the platform and you can use it for your own application.