How To Build A Production Ready Kubernetes
06-21, 15:10–17:10 (Europe/Amsterdam), IJ Zaal

Let's Build A Production Ready Kubernetes!

Our goal: Deploy a containerized full-stack (Golang & JavaScript) application to a AKS Kubernetes cluster, expose it to the internet and have a GitOps mechanism in place.

During the workshop, we will discover infrastructure as code (IaC) and create a AKS Kubernetes cluster using Pulumi as Infrastructure as code tool. In the second part of the workshop, we will talk about the fundamentals of GitOps and setup a GitOps pipeline using FluxCD

The workshop will add some stretch goals like secret management, monitoring, ingress controller and security.

Engin is a Customer Experience Architect at Pulumi and has been in the IT industry for over 15 years.

He started as a Java backend developer and later migrated to the fronted development. This is where he found his passion for CI/CD, Cloud technologies and in particular Kubernetes.

Engin is a very curious person and loves learning and testing new technologies.

Customer Experience Architect @ Pulumi