"SOS, please someone help me!" - Using Shiny Object Syndrome to your advantage
06-22, 13:40–13:45 (Europe/Amsterdam), Grote Zaal

From Wikipedia: "Shiny object syndrome is the situation where people focus undue attention on an idea that is new and trendy, yet drop this as soon as something new takes its place."

I battle(d) with it all the time when first entering the cloud-native ecosystem and struggled a lot, being disappointed in myself and frustrated with the little progress I made.

Over time, I managed to turn the situation around and capitalize on SOS by finding a more focused, disciplined, and organized approach.

In this ignite, I will share my experiences, perspective, and steps to mitigate 'tool fatigue' caused by SOS.

Daniel is a consultant at NETWAYS Professional Services and is fond of all things cloud-native. His duties comprise client work including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and GitLab. Since the start of 2022, Daniel has been looking into cloud-native technologies, mainly Kubernetes and its vast ecosystem of tools, and became CKA certified in the process.

After attending KubeCon EU 2022, he now wants to switch from the visitor’s to the speaker’s perspective in 2023.

When Daniel is not trying out new frameworks and tools, he enjoys coding on some pet projects, mainly in Python and Rust.