Improv with AI: Copilot, Seatbelts, and You
05-02, 13:05–13:10 (America/Chicago), Connally Ballroom

For decades, developers have relied on testing, design patterns, and teamwork to create quality code. At last, the rise of AI coding assistants has deprecated these by removing programmer error with no caveats whatsoever. Right? Surely, nothing could go wrong. Are there any lessons from the past we could look to for guidance with these new tools?

Daniel is a seasoned software consultant at Lean TECHniques, helping teams deliver high quality software. He works alongside teams as they adopt various agile and lean technical practices, such as effective CI/CD, automated testing, cloud development, and product management.

With experience in software development and consulting across several industries including financial, retail, and agriculture, he has fulfilled roles including technical coach, agile coach and tech lead. Daniel's core background lies in being a software developer. He finds his job most fulfilling when he can help teams understand their unique challenges and work together to improve their technical practices and enjoy their job more as a whole.

Although he has worked a variety of programming languages, such as Typescript, Daniel thrives in the .NET ecosystem and considers it home base for himself. He also particularly enjoys automated testing, whether it's the theory behind it, delving into the different implementations options and libraries available, or helping teams adopt it.

He also enjoys playing piano and guitar, swing dancing, and working on his own personal programming projects in his free time. including game development, for which he has a company called Nightcap Games that he has released one game under.