SecretOps for Startups using 1Password
05-03, 11:50–12:10 (America/Chicago), Legends Room

When you’re a small company with a handful of operationally minded folks, it can be hard to justify investing in the more advanced security solutions with limited time and funding. While tools like SOPS provide a simple alternative, they have some inherent tradeoffs that can complicate its usage and auditing process. In this talk, I will discuss and demonstrate advantages to using a tool like 1Password, something most (if not all) people at your company should be using, to manage operational secrets at different scales.

Engineering Director @ CrabNebula. Jill of many trades, expert at some. I'm an avid hockey player (center) and have been playing since I was 7. When I'm not working or on the ice, I'm usually spending time with my kid doing a number of activities or outside working on my yard.