devopsdays Cairo 2024 - CFP

Under the theme: DevOps in the Era of Technology Evolution!

Join us and speak at the most awaited Conference of 2024 in Cairo!

DevOpsDays Cairo 2024 is a one-day event organized on 25 September 2024

You can learn and share your knowledge with people from all around the world.

DevOps is a symbiotic relationship with technology evolution!

DevOps at the heart is about continuous improvement and optimization. DevOps is highly impacting and highly impacted by different waves of technology evolution.

New advancements empower DevOps practices, while DevOps itself as one of the key drivers in software industry, shapes how technology is developed, deployed, and managed. This ongoing loop fuels the rapid evolution of the tech industry.

DevOpsDays Conference’s domains include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Development & Architecture (including Microservices, Low-Code-Apps, use of LLMs for Dev, Service Mesh)
  • Reliability Engineering (including Observability, Monitoring, Tracing, Alerting, etc)
  • Infrastructure (including Cloud vs. OnPrem, Virtual vs. Physical, Serverless, Infrastructure-as-Code, Containerization)
  • Security (including DevSecOps, Vulnerability Management)
  • Technology lines & frameworks affected and effecting DevOps (including AI, Automotive, Agile, CMMI, ITIL, …etc)
  • Any other topics relating to DevOps.

There are two ways to propose a topic at devopsdays:

  1. A 30-minute talk presented during the conference, usually in the mornings.

  2. An Ignite talk presented during the Ignite sessions (scheduling varies). These are 5 minutes slots with slides changing every 15 seconds (20 slides total).

Main Criteria:

Choosing talks is part art, part science; here are some factors we consider when trying to assemble the best possible program for our local audience:

  • Relevant to our theme: which is ‘AI for DevOps Transformation’.

  • Broad appeal: how will your talk play out in a room of people with a variety of backgrounds? Specific tools talks are not preferred.

  • Local experiences: you are the only one who can tell your story. We are very interested in the challenges and successes being experienced in our local area.

  • Under-represented voices: we want to hear all voices including those that may speak less frequently at similar events. Whether you are in a field not typically thought of as a technology field or you are the only person at your organization with your background, we are still interested in your unique experience.

  • Original content: we will consider talks that have already been presented elsewhere, but we prefer new talks.

  • No vendor pitches: as much as we value vendors and sponsors, we are not going to accept a talk that appears to be a pitch for your product.


  • Be specific... we aren't mind readers (a description of about 20 lines is about right)

  • Detail is good... but not as important as explaining why your proposal would be interesting

  • Propose your own talk; don't have someone else do it for you.

  • Nominations welcome... if you know someone who has content/experience relevant to the DevOps conversation, please point us in their direction!

  • Multiple proposals welcome... just follow the other rules

Please stay tuned for more information about Devopsdays Cairo 2024!


I. I am an attendee at devopsdays, learning from and sharing with other devopsdays attendees in an effort to better myself and my industry. I co-create the experience with fellow attendees. I am prepared to give my energy, presence and sensitivity to creating the best possible experience for myself and others.

II. I am coming to devopsdays to interact with people. I understand that imagery and language which is suggestive or derogatory will offend and make people uncomfortable. I also understand that people may have boundaries and sensibilities different from my own. I will accept without question when informed that something is offensive or unacceptable in the context of the devopsdays event.

III. I will never intentionally harass or offend another attendee regardless of sex, disability, appearance, size, race or religion and will not abide another attendee being harassed or offended. If I am aware that anyone is uncomfortable or unsafe, I will notify those giving offense and the devopsdays event organizers.

IV. If I am offended or harassed, I will inform people around me who make me feel safe and the event organizers. If I feel safe, at my discretion, I will inform those giving offense of the specific actions with the hope that the other party is well-intentioned and ignorant, but I am under no obligation to do so.

V. I understand that people are different and I attempt to be forgiving of others actions at the level of their sincere intent, but my priority is protecting my safety and the safety of others. I will act without hesitation or reservation until there are no question of the safety of all parties.

VI. I trust the devopsdays organizers and attendees will co-create the best possible experience for everyone involved, as I will. I believe devopsdays is about empowering people and I will not forget I am empowered to create a safe and nurturing environment. If I or any other attendee violates this aspect of the event, I expect the conference organizers to protect the attendees by direct action, including expelling those in violation and contacting the proper authorities.

You can enter proposals until 2024-07-21 12:00 (Africa/Cairo), 1 month, 3 weeks from now.