DevOpsDays Nairobi 2024

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Want other ideas for topics or feedback on your ideas? We're here to help! [email protected], with CFP in the subject.

Our criteria for selection include...

We embrace diversity and encourage proposals from people whose voices we might not hear as often.
Original content: content not yet presented at other conferences or a new angle to an existing problem.
New presenters: people who are new to the space and have insightful stuff to say; we want to hear everybody's voice.
No vendor pitches: we value vendors and sponsors, but this is not the right forum.

Talk Types
The competition will be fierce, especially for the 30-minute slots; the organizer committee will vote on which presentations are selected. We understand if the talk isn't written yet, but we want enough details to understand what your time will be filled with and what people will learn from it.

One of the main building blocks of DevOps is culture. We highly value diversity and embrace it. We believe that DevOpsDays should shine a spotlight on it. If you're part of a group whose voices we don't hear as often, we'd love to hear from you!

Remember, DevOpsDays is for DevOps practitioners looking to take whatever they're doing to the next level. Be specific. "Metrics are good, yay" isn't enough of a takeaway, so for example, if you pitch "Metrics and DevOps," we'd like to hear more about what your content will be—what metrics exactly, what actionable things people will take away, etc. Culture talks are good, but similarly, we're looking for more actionable details than "DevOps is about culture. Hug more." If you don't have a lot of specifics, we would suggest going for an ignite talk instead of a full talk.

Demos are welcome, but, of course, there's always that slim chance that wireless will give you trouble, or other technical issues may come into play. Just prep well and have a backup plan.

You can run your own laptop for full talk slots - again, have a backup plan (dropbox, thumb drive, save in multiple formats - be paranoid). You'll be asked to provide ignite talks in PDF format and your keynote slides in any format by the weekend before the conference. Ignite talks will all be run by the ignite talk wrangler from their system on auto advance.

Top Suggestions:

  1. Culture (DevOps enablement, Process Engineering, etc)
  2. Development & Architecture (including Microservices, Low-Code-Apps, use of LLMs for development, and service mesh)
  3. Reliability Engineering (including Observability, Monitoring, Tracing, Alerting, etc)
  4. Infrastructure (including Cloud vs. OnPrem, Virtual vs. Physical, Serverless, and Infrastructure-as-Code)!
  5. Security (including DevSecOps and vulnerability management)
  6. Containers (including Docker, Kubernetes, and containerization)
    Multiple speakers for a single talk?

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1. Be specific… we don’t mind readers (a description of about 20 lines is about right)
2. Detail is good… but not as important as explaining why your proposal would be interesting.
3. Propose your own talk; don’t have someone else do it for you.
4. Nominations are welcome... if you know someone who has content/experience relevant to the DevOps conversation, please point us in their direction! Email the organizers to recommend someone! This goes double for under-represented voices in the DevOps community!
5. Multiple proposals are welcome. just follow the other rules.
6. Submissions with multiple speakers are welcome!
7. No vendor pitches.
Questions? Help?

Need help with or suggestions for your presentation? We've got lots of ideas and are happy to discuss your ideas before you submit them. Just reach out to us! [email protected] with CFP in the subject.

You can enter proposals until 2024-04-26 23:59 (Africa/Nairobi), 3 days, 23 hours from now.