Devopsdays Vilnius 2024 | Cyber City | 10-12 of September

We are looking for talks that inspire and teach us. A balance in the program between technical and cultural aspects of DevOps is our goal in this year’s program. As a speaker, we will provide you with a free ticket to the conference. We have some budget to cover reasonable travel and accommodation costs.

Choosing talks is part art, part science; here are some factors we consider when trying to assemble the best possible program for our local audience:

  • broad appeal: How will your talk play out in a room of people with a variety of backgrounds? Technical deep dives need more levels to provide value for the whole room, some of whom might not use your specific tool.

  • new local presenters: You are the only one who can tell your story. We are very interested in the challenges and successes being experienced in our local area. We are happy to provide guidance/coaching for new speakers upon request.

  • under-represented voices: We want to hear all voices, including those that may speak less frequently at similar events. Whether you’re in a field not typically thought of as a technology field, you’re in a large, traditional organization, or you’re the only person in your organization with your background, we are interested in your unique experience.

  • original content: We will consider talks that have already been presented elsewhere, but we prefer talks that the local area isn’t likely to have already seen.

  • no third-party submissions: This is a small community-driven event, and speakers need to be directly engaged with the organizers and attendees. If a PR firm or your marketing department is proposing the talk, you’ve already shown that as a speaker you’re distant from the process.

  • no vendor pitches: As much as we value vendors and sponsors, we are not going to accept a talk that appears to be a pitch for your product.

We expect 3 types of submissions:

  • Traditional talks (30min) + short Q&A
  • Ignite talks (5min)
  • Workshop proposals (half day)

Hot topics

  • Security
  • Open Source
  • Cloud native solutions
  • AI
  • Cloud engineering
  • Automation
  • Platform/SRE/DevOps engineering daily experiences
  • Lessons learned
  • Dealing with change, DevOps culture
  • ....

We have a budget to pay for the speaker's travel within Europe (Approximately €700 for 30 min speakers or workshop moderators). Accommodation can be provided also.
However, we run a community non-profit event so if your company can pay that would be a great help!

You can enter proposals until 2024-05-12 23:59 (Europe/Vilnius), 2 weeks, 5 days from now.